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It is a condition of membership of NBRMAS that all members belong to the BMFA as well. The insurance cover provided by the BMFA is second to none. It was decided in 1991 that the club should amass a fund not only to enable it to purchase its own flying field in due course, but also to have sufficient cash reserves to cope with any flying site contingency. To this end a fund was established in 1991 as a Joining Fee.  This is paid as one initial payment of £45 and is non returnable.  *Juniors pay £10.00 per year until they reach 18 years old whereupon their payment increases to their outstanding balance. The flying site is deemed the single most important element of the club.

Download a PDF Application Form  here:

  Application Form

Senior memberships are limited to approx 115 per year with junior memberships unlimited.

  Welcome to 2018 membership year

Download a site location map here:

  Location Map

 Note- Membership is subject to a 6 month probationary period

Electric DeHavilland Rapide at a Scale Day event.

Neville Polly’s Me 109

There is an additional Social Membership category at a fee of £12 per year. Social Members receive all benefits of membership but may not fly.